Thursday, May 23, 2013

Broken Labor and Financial Markets: Talk with Dr. Heiner Flassbeck

Another gem, (this one three part, about 30 min total) from Dr. Heiner Flassbeck and The Real News: 

HF:  “That's exactly the attitude, I'm sure, in the financial markets; that's the attitude, après moi le déluge. They think, I don't care if I made money in the next two years or the next year; what do I care about the future? That's exactly the attitude.”

HF:  “Yeah, that's one thing that I acknowledge already. Many of these people do not care about the long run. But this is mainly true for people in the financial markets, because they don't have any fixed assets. You know? They have nothing that can be lost, so to say.”

HF:  “That is the crucial thing, because due to the ideology that prevailed over the last 30 years, some people, even ordinary people on the street, believe that the government does not have the right to tax away huge profits, because that would be against the efficiency of the market and things like that. And this kind of ideology we have to fight.”

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