Monday, November 7, 2011

Links to Mansoor Khan

Here are active links to the articles Mansoor Khan refers to in his comment to Debt, Total Debt and by Sector. I encourage the reader to check them out. First:

In Modern Monetary Theory, (as far as I understand it.) the government creates money by printing it, politically easy, once established, preventing inflation, and destroys it through taxation, countering inflation, politically hard. A government of reasonable virtue and principle would be required. A certain amount of inflation is more likely. Indeed, since debtors tend to be numerous, and creditors relatively few, a certain amount of inflation, which favors debtors, might counter natural tendencies toward the concentration of wealth. Compare this to what we see: Creditors have seized control of the government, and seeking to retain what are essentially ill gotten gains, are directing the government toward our common ruin.

(For a nice exposition of the problems with the current system, see:

Money as Debt:



Money as Debt II: )

Next from Mansoor Khan:


Good. Helicopter money to every citizen. Give citizenship a tangible benefit, rather than the burden implied by the national debt. Negative taxation, which is precisely what the government should do when demand is depressed. And/Or it could guarantee employment, which would work as an automatic stabilizer.

An orderly bankruptcy of the financial system, with the government as receiver.

Mansoor's proposal for 100% non-lendable equity accounts seems doable. They would carry essentially negative nominal interest. The magnitude of this interest would be minimized by interbank competition for deposits.

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