Thursday, August 18, 2011

Change of Template

I decided to change the template to something which allows a wider column, and hopefully more room so I can post bigger graphs, on the occaision. Hope you find the color scheme acceptable. Any complaints or encouragement please make in the comments section to this post.

Unfortunately, as a result of my change of email address, all my followers got disconnected. My apologies to you all. I will try to talk to Google. But please reconnect if you are one of them. Or if you would like to join them...

Thank you.


  1. Ah. Got fixed. Good. Welcome back, guys.

  2. Not sure I like the Yellow background color, hurts my eyes.... Progress; you can't stop it...

  3. I like wider. Economic thoughts are too big for a narrow blog, absolutely.

    That yellow background IS an eye-opener.