Monday, April 4, 2011

What is your citizenship worth?

What is your citizenship worth? A monetary value can be put on it. Is it still positive? Is it still worth something positive? Or has it become a burden? It is supposed to be a blessing.

Consider the negative value added to it by the national debt. At about $10Trillion or so, or about $33,000 for every man, woman and child, about $60,000 for every worker. And climbing. Taxes also take away from the value of citizenship, but with taxes, we buy things, and the value of these things adds to the value of citizenship. So add to that the benefits provided by society. Schools, highways, rule of law, etc. What should be a very significant net positive. Hard to put exact figures on them. Perhaps willingness to pay. Plus a premium. When you think about it, schools, law enforcenment, and many other public goods supported by our taxes, really are a bargain.

But in any case, citizenship is worth less than it was before, for most of us:

But not for some:

Not exactly the 'shining city on a hill' mentioned by Ronald Reagan. Not exactly an example for others to follow, either. With increasing debt, budget cuts to education and so forth, loss of rights in the workplace, etc, the value of citizenship seems to be decreasing. What will happen if, or when, the value turns negative, the bribes for obedience are no longer enough, and propaganda can no longer hide the fact that citizenship in the United States has, for many, becomes an increasingly onerous burden? Will they sell their citizenship to the highest bidder, by which I mean the rights citizenship confers? Piecemeal, perhaps? Or will the people organize, and reestablish a new citizenship, under new terms?

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