Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Government is the Captive of the Wealthy

We no longer live in a democracy.
Our government is the captive of the wealthy. Such is their power, so complete the government’s servitude, that it is by many not even seen for the prisoner it is. The people are blinded to the evidence, though this captivity is the cause of their distress.
The elections, as they have proceeded, did not change this. Hidden money has flowed into the coffers of the candidates, cementing the hold the wealthy and influential have over them. The candidates did not speak to it. Our elected officials do not speak of it. The Congress is now seeded with the lackeys of the wealthy, who do as they are told. It will get worse for the people. Our government, no longer a government of the people, will remain the captive of the wealthy.

As their captive, our government does their bidding:
It allows the manipulation and degradation of its money, forcing the people into debt, and servitude to the wealthy.
It lowers the taxes of the wealthy, and the taxes of their corporations. At the same time, it borrows from them, and accumulates a ruinous debt, an unseen burden on the people, to the great gain of the wealthy.
It reduces its regulation of the activities of the wealthy, allowing them to exploit the people.
It rescues the corporations of the wealthy when they squander their assets. It places the burden of these debts upon the backs of the people.
It subsidizes their corporations when they cannot compete on their own, and guarantees their profits.
It defends and subsidizes an inefficient and inadequate system of healthcare, one increasingly ruinous to the people, and immensely profitable to the wealthy.
It neglects the assets of the people, and allows them to crumble. It refuses to capitalize and invest in the people's future.
It allows its educational system to deteriorate, that the people may be more easily manipulated and restrained.
It refuses to effectively defend the nation’s borders against unfair trade, and illegal immigration, driving down the wages of the people, and for the profit of the wealthy.
It sells the property of the people to the wealthy, at less than its true value.
It buys things from the wealthy at exorbitant prices.
It allows and encourages the destruction of the nation’s natural resources, to the profit of the wealthy.
It prosecutes an undeclared war in a distant country, squandering the people’s assets, and thousands of the people’s lives, as well as the lives of innocents. A war from which the wealthy derive unjust profit.
It raises the specter of Terror against the people, where little is seen. It makes enemies in distant places, to the profit of the wealthy.
It enforces laws that are harsh against the people, yet excuses the wealthy.
It compromises the people’s right to due process.
It placates the people with the people’s own money, and deflects the people’s anger away from the wealthy.
It allows the press to also become the captive of the wealthy, to speak with their voice, and to distract the people with the inconsequential.
It obfuscates the nature of its actions, and the actions of the wealthy, to the confusion of the people.
It silences the discourse of the people, with insinuations of unpatriotism.
It enacts laws which perpetuate and rationalize its captivity
It enacts laws which increase its powers to do these things, to the greater harm of the people.

The government does all this in servitude to the wealthy, to the harm of the people, and the nation.
And finally, the wealthy cause this to their own harm. The wealthy gild their plumbing with their plunder, with what they gnaw from the true foundation of their wealth, which is the people, for it is by the people’s toil and sweat, and forbearance, that the wealthy live their lives of privilege.
The recent elections have strengthened the grip of the wealthy on our government: The government will enact policies that further aggravate the disparity of wealth and income between the wealthy and the people. It will inflict hardship on the people, and further insulate the wealthy from the consequences of their misrule.
Make no mistake, this land is ruled by the wealthy, and they rule for their own pleasure, and at the expense of the people. They become an ever greater burden on the people, and treat the people with ever greater contempt.
But the people are pillar on the top of which they prance.

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