Friday, October 29, 2010

Links for 10-29-10

Well, now that I've acquired a following, I feel obligated to keep you entertained and informed. Since I'm too much of a klutzy writer to do it all myself, at least at a regular and reasonably rapid rate, I will instead provide you, pretty regularly, with pointers to what I consider informative and formative.

Some will be for fun. It won't be a complete record of where I've been, but it will feature a few of the highlights. I hope you enjoy.

"The Stealth Coup D'Etat: U.S.A. 2008-2010"

"Capitalism Uber Alles: How the American Working Class Got Brainwashed"

"What Does Greece Mean to You? - John Mauldin's Weekly E-Letter"
This article is really about complexity and catastrophe, especially as it has to do with economics. One important sentence: "In this simplified setting of the sandpile, the power law also points to something else: the surprising conclusion that even the greatest of events have no special or exceptional causes."

"The Normalization of Sociopathology in America" Yeah, This guy is really good. His blog isn't that easy to navigate, but it's worth the time.

So, I hope you keep coming back for more. Also, feel free to provide links of your own, in the comments. If you can't make the link active, I'll copy it to the blog.

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